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Premium Cruiser E-bike Hire ( Full Day )

Enjoy a full day out on and around the Northern Rivers Rail Trail. Explore breathtaking scenery through stunning landscapes while meeting the locals who call this beautiful part of the country home.

Many have said the " Valley E-bike Adventure Ride is an exciting adventure like no other. An unprecedented ride of ease and total comfort."

The Murf E-bike is built around a total comfort concept. 

With 4-inch fat tyres to absorb bumps for a smoother ride while the upright ride position takes the pressure off your hands and wrists while sitting on a big comfy cushioned seat for support.

Hydraulic disk brakes that safely bring you to a stop, and the step-through frame will allow you to get on and off the bike with ease.

The control screen mounted on the handlebars gives you five levels of pedal assist to choose from while cruising with set speeds of up to 25 kilometers an hour.

The power of the Murf with take you along the entire Northern Rivers Rail Trail from Murwillumbah to Crabb's Creek and return with ease.

You will feel like a rockstar


*Full day hire is up to 7 Hours