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50 - 90 KM RANGE

Murfs are fitted with a 15 to 20 Amp Hour battery depending on the chosen model. That means their quality Samsung cell batteries will get you between 50-90 real-world kilometres per charge.

* Rider weight and terrain are a factor.


A 52V battery is able to deliver the same amount of power using less current, this means you'll get awesome power from your electric bike while generating less heat in the motor and controller. A higher voltage also allows you to get more range out of your electric fat bike before you notice any decrease in power.

45 KPH

If you've got a need for speed the Murfs will deliver. Dial in the perfect amount of pedal assist or go full electric mode with the thumb throttle upgrade that can be added as an accessory.  The bike comes with no throttle as per Australian Law but the throttle can be added for private property use only with speeds of up to 45KPH

* Depending on rider weight.


This covers both the electric bike and battery from any manufacturing defects. Murf offer one of the best Ebike Warranties in Australia. And this basicly comes down to the best customer service. If you have a problem they will have you up and running in no time.

The Best Fat Tire Electric Bike For Sale Online

All Murf Electric Bikes feature a 52 VOLT battery that provides high torque and high capacity, which means you can ride your e-bike beach cruiser up to 90 kilometres, over all sorts of terrain, and barely break a sweat.

The 4-inch fat tyres absorb bumps and act as a mild suspension system.

Hydraulic disk brakes bring you safely to a stop and the classic beach cruiser frame will have people asking you all about your new fat tire electric beach cruiser.

The handlebar-mounted control screen offers you 5 different levels of pedal assist so that you can dial in the perfect amount of power.

And if you feel like taking it easy just use the thumb throttle and ride this beach cruiser electric bike like a moped (class 2 mode).

If you're in the market for a new fat tire beach cruiser electric bike you can't go wrong with a Murf.

More Awesome Features


This ruggedly good-looking headlight packs a serious punch and comes fitted to all Murf Electric Bikes Effortlessly light up the ground in front of you on your ride home after catching an epic sunset..

Hydraulic disk brakes

The best in the class, front and rear Hydraulic disk brakes that will safely bring you to a stop

Motor & Drive Modes

Powerful Hub Motor capable of handling all 52v 500 watt (nominal power) 750 watt (peak power)

Thumb Throttle for ease of dive , Intelligent 5 Level Pedal Assist, Manual Pedalling


Nothing like a good comfy seat! and anyone that has hired one of our bikes knows, the seat makes all the difference.

Suspension padded seat mounted on a suspension seat post, along with the 4-inch fat tires absorbing bumps and act as a mild suspension system. What more could you ask for in a Ebike.